Sunday, December 20, 2009

Darwin's Struggle: The Evolution of the Origin of Species

Darwin unleashed a new vision of nature where species evolved independently from guiding hand of a creator. Harmonious world of mankind created by God was shattered. This was a challenge against traditional beliefs and a struggle in Darwin's personal life. The BBC Four documentary tells this struggle with beautiful imagery and dramatic scenes, benefiting from Darwin's secret notes and letters. Broadcasted on 02 February.

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File Name ..........: Darwins.Struggle.2009.BBC.Four.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 559,03 MB
Video Length .......: 00:59:13
Video Codec Code ...: XVID
Video Codec Name ...: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Resolution .........: 624 x 352
Audio Bitrate ......: 128 KB/s (CBR)
Channels ...........: 2 Ch
Sampling Rate ......: 48000 Hz


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Creationism (or intelligent design) is nt scientific, coz it requires scientists 2 stop investigating as soon as dey r stumped. Scientists cannot validly maintain tt just coz dey cannot understd something, it intrinsically cannot be understood, just as dey cannot say tt coz dey cannot test d existence of something, it cannot exist.

Take an example, tt v r talking abt fish in an aquarium. If u hv had an aquarium, u knw tt some fish feed at d surface, othrs feed at d bottom, n still othrs feed in d middle. The fish who feed in d middle or at d bottom do nt believe in the aquarist, coz dey hv never seen him, n coz dey can explain everything tt happens in the aquarium as a natural process. One day, 1 of d small surface-feeding fish gets sucked up into d filter. The aquarist rescues him, puts him back in d water, den walks away 2 do other things. The small fish excitedly goes around telling all d other fish tt der is an intelligent creature who set up d aquarium, maintains it, n drops der food into d water. The other fish ask him 2 prove d existence of d aquarist, but he cannot. No matter how hard he looks or where he searches, he cannot find d aquarist in d aquarium. The skeptical fish all go 2 d surface 2 look, but dey don’t see any1 der.

So who is right? The scientific fish who hv deduced d natural processes tt occur within d aquarium, or d little fish who claims 2 hv experienced d aquarist? Both r right, but both hv incomplete knowledge.

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