Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top 10 best religious sightings

Are the below top 10 images the work of a divine supernatural power, or just pareidolia in action? My guess is the later!

10 - Ganesh Plant

Sam Lal, of Jamaica, Queens, believes a flower in his backyard has naturally grown to resemble the Hindu god Ganesh, who has an elephant-like form.

9 - The Virgin Mary snack

Law clerk John Mize claimed that a pair of Funyuns, an onion-flavored snack food, resembled the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. He auctioned the food off on eBay and the winning bidder offered $609.

8 - Virgin Mary Puddle

A Mexican woman touches a puddle of water believed to be an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on June 4, 1997. A broken water pipeline caused the puddle to appear in a subway station in Mexico City. About 20,000 people visited the site per day following its appearance.

7 - The Burnt Virgin Mary

An apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared in a fire-damaged home in Mexico, Maine in 2005. Three months later, homeowner Veronica Dennis auctioned the likeness on eBay to pay her bills.

6 - The hand of God

It looks like a hand of a (lets not be biased here, there are 10,000+ other gods out there!) God reaching out into the cosmos, but scientists say it's something just as incredible: electromagnetic energy pumped out by a neutron star.

5 - Baking tray Mary

An image of the Virgin Mary appeared on a baking pan in Houston, Texas in 2007. A cafeteria worker discovered the image while cleaning the dishes from lunch on Ash Wednesday at a local elementary school. Numerous visitors came to visit the image, which was put on display in the front yard of a home a few blocks away.

4 - Pressure washed Jesus

A Christlike image appeared on the outside wall of a church in Bradenton, Fla. after a pressure washing in 2000. Hundreds of curious onlookers came to view the 15-high figure.

3 - The Thompson Jesus Pancake

In early February 2006, Mike Thompson of Beachwood, Ohio claimed that the visage of Jesus appeared on a pancake he’d made while preparing breakfast for his family. Thompson was paraphrased by News Channel 5 of Cleveland, Ohio as saying the image the Lord’s face was a sign from above.
He posted the alleged Holy Pancake on eBay with an opening bid of $500. The bidding reached $14,999.00 before the listing was removed for violating eBay’s listing rules.
Later, Thompson’s listing resurfaced on eBay after the rules violation, and continued it's bid of $15,000. You can read more on the outcome of the Thompson Jesus Pancake here.

2 - The firey Pope John Paul II

A bonfire atop Matyska mountain in southern Poland took an auspicious shape in 2007, leading locals to believe it resembled the silhouette of late Pope John Paul II, above l., making a blessing. The picture was taken by amateur photographer Grzegorz Lukasik during a vigil marking the second anniversary of the Polish pope's death.

1 - Grilled cheese sandwich Virgin Mary

Perhaps the most famous food-related sighting of religious symbolism in recent times is a likeness of the Virgin Mary that appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich. Florida resident Diana Duyser discovered the image after she’d taken a bite from the sandwich. For 10 years, Duyser kept the partially eaten Holy Sandwich in a clear plastic box on her night stand. In 2004, she sold the sandwich on eBay to, an Internet casino, for $28,000. is the same company that made another well-publicized purchase. They bought William Shatner's Kidney Stone.

And a bonus - Jesus appears on the arse end of a dog

Jesus can come in all shapes and sizes, so the below one shouldn't be discounted either!

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