Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Atheist Manifesto: The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam - Michel Onfray


"In this era of warring religions, with Almighty God being invoked as the key ally by all sides, it was with gratitude and relief that I read Michel Onfray's In Defense of Atheism. It is both a passionate and coolly reasoned advocacy of atheism, setting the positive values of secularity squarely against the three great monotheisms and their multitudes of hate... A wonderful, invigorating blast of sanity delivered against the fog of high-toned mumbo-jumbo we have to endure everywhere today."William Boyd

"His book has a sweep, an energy and intensity, that seems all but forgotten on either side of the Atlantic; for this reason alone it deserves to be translated." Bookforum

Religion: history of destruction. Torture and pain in the name of God since the beginning of the civilization. It is ironic that this power of hate still influences the whole world isn't it?

Atheist Manifesto or In Defense of Atheism is a controversial work against three dominant monotheistic religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It demonstrates how these religions prevented reaching the knowledge, destroyed the reason for their purposes and controlled the mass like a flock.

Atheist Manifesto is bold, not for faint-hearted! But if you want to witness the dark and bloody past of religions, dare to read it!

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