Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Superstition In All Ages: Common Sense - Jean Meslier


"Meslier also has the wisdom of the serpent. He sets an example for you; the good grain was hidden in the chaff of his book. A good Swiss has made a faithful abstract and this abstract can do a great deal of good. What an answer to the insolent fanatics who treat philosophers like libertines." Voltaire

"I know nothing but powder, which with so little apparent force, could produce such great results." D'alembert

In this masterpiece a Catholic Priest Jean Meslier confesses his real thoughts before his death and reveals the dogma's absurdities. He also demonstrates how harmful religion has been to individuals and to societies. And he creates one of the best atheist books ever written.

Religion has in every age kept the human mind in darkness and held it in ignorance of its true relations, of its real duties and its true interests. It is but in removing its clouds and phantoms that we may find the sources of truth, reason, morality, and the actual motives which inspire virtue. This religion puts us on the wrong track for the causes of our evils, and the natural remedies which we can apply. Far from curing them, it can but multiply them and render them more durable.

Let us, then, say, with the celebrated Lord Bolingbroke, in his posthumous works: "Theology is the Box of Pandora; and if it is impossible to close it, it is at least useful to give warning that this fatal box is open." From the book

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